word  description  PASCAL  example 
 module   program within the program designed
 to do a specific task.
Procedure Square(x:real);
Function Square(x: real): real;
 declaration   reserving space for a variable
 and associating a name to it
 Var Var x: real;
 constant  like variable but cannot change value   Const  Const x = 3.0;
 assignment  assigning a value to a variable  :=  x := 3.0;
 variable  a place in memory with a name
 used to store information of
 a specified type
 condition  any expression that returns a
 value of type TRUE/FALSE.
 normally used for branching
 expression   a calculation producing a value     3*a + 2*b + c
 instruction  instruction to tell the computer
 what to do
   a := 2*Sqrt(3.0);
 operator  any symbol that operates on values
 and produces another value
 operand  what the operator works on    3.0
 operation  operator plus operands    3.0 + a
 program  complete set of instructions    
 local variables   variables that can only be used
 inside a procedure or function
 global variables   variables that can be used
 throughout the program
 scope of a variable   the places where a variable can be
 used (local or global)
 compiler  the program that translates our
 (PASCAL) code to machine
 machine language  translated program consisting of
 instructions for the CPU (processor) 
 output  results shown by computer
 (normally to monitor or file)
 input  data fed into the program
 (normally from keyboard or file)
 argument  parameter passed to function or
 procedure, equal to parameter.
 parameter  see argument    
 type  type of variable, etc.    boolean, integer, word.
 branching  deciding which part of
 a program to execute based
 on a condition
 memory  place to store the program
 and the variables

Programming skills

Here follows a summary of good programming skills:
Peter Stallinga. Universidade do Algarve, 16 Maio 2002